The refugee crisis was in full swing when ECHO came to us with a proposition in 2015: let’s unpack the myth that migration occurs only in rubber dinghys headed for Greece. We decided to pick three individuals that represented the bulk of migration worldwide — people who left home for a neighboring country. In fact, most African migration occurs internally. Uganda alone is home to almost 1.5 million refugees. 

We were lucky enough to work with a great team at ECHO who helped us find three incredible characters to give voice to this story. Adrian represents the first stage of displacement: we follow him as he begins to set up a new life in Tanzania, reuniting with his brother who he hadn’t seen in years. Rhoda represents the second stage of displacement: she fled at the beginning of the war in South Sudan and has now begun a business in neighboring Uganda — a country with progressive laws on refugee rights. Finally, through Sahra we travel to Somaliland as she flees the civil war and takes up residency as a refugee in France. Now that Somaliland has stabilized, she has returned to her home country to give back to the community she once fled. 

Finally, in order to reach as broad a network as possible, we leveraged the distribution platform HuffPo — one of the top 15 most trafficked news sites on the web — to host the project and promote it across all social channels. This was a win-win for everybody involved: ECHO got a huge boost to their message, HuffPo got some excellent reporting they could take to their viewers, and we got to make it all happen.


Client: European Commission 

Distribution: HuffPo

Production Company: DOCUMIST

Directors: Alex Pritz and Will Miller

Producer: Anouk Delaforte

Cinematographers: Alex Pritz and Will Miller

Editors: Will Miller and Alex Pritz

Assistant Editor and Animator: Leon Malu

Web Design: Ross Martin and Kim Niedermaier 


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