No Time to Rest


When we got this call from Burness in 2016, the Ebola outbreak was on the decline. The country still had active cases, but the bigger focus was now rebuilding the Liberian health system to prevent anything like this from happening again. Burness wanted to create a film for the World Health Organisation that put a human face on the abstract system of health infrastructure, while paying respect to the bravery of Liberians who risked everything to save lives during the worst of the crisis. 

The challenge was filming in an area with serious risk, as well as providing a compelling angle on a story that many had already heard. Doctor Ireland remains one of our personal heroes, and filming with him was a real joy. His whole family really opened up to us, and we’re so grateful for them having let us into their story. In the end, our film about Doctor Ireland was the centrepiece of a World Health Organisation fundraiser that successfully secured over $500 Million for the post-Ebola response. 


Client: World Health Organisation

Agency: Burness

Production Company: DOCUMIST

Directors: Will Miller and Alex Pritz

Executive Producer: Miles Sedgwick

Cinematography: Alex Pritz and Will Miller

Editors: Alex Pritz and Will Miller


Pre-production & storyboarding

Creative direction



Color correction

Still photography